While operating nationally in Belgium and Flanders as a region, Telenet Business also helps companies ready themselves digitally for a successful business journey abroad. What’s more, the telecom provider makes sure to invest in promising and future-oriented startups, scaleups and companies that operate internationally. Meanwhile, Telenet Business knows the challenges of digitization inside out, which are similar across the globe. Geert Degezelle, CCO at Telenet Business, explains why and how.

Why does Telenet Business sponsor an event like FIBA 2023?

“With Telenet Business, we help companies turn their digital challenges into business opportunities. Besides connectivity, we offer various other services to help them do business optimally, including internet, telephony, collaboration and digital communication solutions, cybersecurity, smart displays and fully managed services. In short, we have a heart for businesses and entrepreneurship – and all initiatives that encourage both. Our sponsorship fits within this framework.”

What digital challenges are companies facing today?

“Virtually all companies – from startups to major players – struggle with the same three digital challenges: accessibility, performance and security. The digital world has no closing hours. You must always be available and perform at your best. Systems need to be scalable, and cybersecurity is gaining in importance. Often, however, the extent to which companies struggle with these challenges is related to their stage in the business life cycle as well as their digital maturity. Telenet Business understands these varying needs like no other, allowing us to offer highly targeted solutions.”

What do these different service needs entail?

Startups habitually see digitization as an enabler, an opportunity to build their business quickly. Here, we help them at the source and can provide standard solutions. Over the years, every company builds up a stack of tools and systems, adding new ones on an ad hoc basis. We often see this with SMEs. Our solutions, advice and guidance help them arrive at overarching and streamlined systems. We unburden them in their digital transition all while making sure their business doesn’t suffer as a result – continuity is crucial, after all – and without the need for them to have in-house ICT specialists.

Large companies typically have their own ICT and telecom departments – and their CIOs or IT directors usually are as tech-savvy as we are. What these enterprises sometimes struggle with is the enormous complexity of tying old and new systems and technologies together. M&As and internationalization require integrating systems and platforms, making agility and scalability the way to go. In these cases, our teams are usually called in to help make strategic choices and ensure continuity. We often set up projects and systems together, as partners and co-developers. In doing so, we think along with our customers and know their digital architectures inside out.”

Our clients tell us that our DNA also holds a unique added value: the yellow vibe.
Geert Degezelle
CCO at Telenet Business
Foto van Geert Degezelle, CCO bij Telenet Business

Yellow vibe

“So, how do we make a difference? Firstly, there’s our thorough knowledge of the needs and challenges of all these different types of companies while offering services that meet those needs. Secondly, many of our clients tell us that our DNA also holds a unique added value: the yellow vibe. They appreciate our professionalism, our flexible and pragmatic attitude as well our willingness to go the extra mile. This stems from our ambition to always build long-term relationships with our customers. We truly want to get to know them.”

Socioeconomic role

“As a major player in the market, we are strongly aware of our societal and economic role. We consider it our duty to support digitization projects and invest in innovative companies. Examples include Woestijnvis, The Park, Caviar, Connectify, Cybernetic Walrus and Triangle Factory. These are active in growth areas such as gaming, entertainment and VR. Not only do we help them grow, but we learn from them as well.”


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