They achieve this by developing, registering and internationally marketing a wide range of existing and innovative crop protection products. Since the start, their focus has been on major agricultural countries such as France, Germany, the UK, Poland and, later, Brazil. Today, the company is active in 39 countries, through a network of distributors and its own branch in Brazil.

Globachem has 2,000 IP registrations in its portfolio, both for existing products and its own developments or improved formulations. Half the team works on innovation. In the research greenhouse, called the Greennovation Center, the R&D team screens new products, preferably of natural origin.

ID Globachem

  • Location: Sint-Truiden

  • Number of employees: 73.9 FTEs (Belgium)

  • Turnover (2022): € 287,966,588.61

  • Share of exports in turnover (2022): 95%

  • Share of non-EU countries in exports: 23%


Picture: CO-CEO’s Koen Quaghebeur and Els Paesmans, Globachem

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